Primary Provider – Emergency Medical Service

We are the primary care provider for the fire districts of Bradford, Buda, Galva-Bishop Hill, LaFayette, Toulon, and Wyoming. That means we answer every 9-1-1 call for medical service within those regions. From nursing home calls, to accidents, to allergic reactions, we’re trained to cover any emergency with our staff of paramedics and EMTs. Our crews are fully trained in the latest policies and procedures from our Medical Control (Unity Point Trinity), which include Advance Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, CPR, AED and many others.


When a trip to the hospital is scheduled and the patient must go by ambulance, Stark County Ambulance Service can help! With proper notice and availability, we can arrange for hospital to hospital, residence to hospital, hospital to residence, or specialty center transfers. For some hospitals, we provide first choice transfers to a higher level of care facility. We employee certified Critical Care Transfer (CCT) paramedics as well, which means if the most serious patients will have the proper care.


From fire support at a scene of a fire, to football games, to concerts and fireworks, Stark County Ambulance provides standby service for many community events. Usually a standby crew is an additional crew, not our primary providers for that region, that are focused solely on the well-being of the individuals at the event. Please contact a supervisor if you are in need of standby support at your event at least 30 days prior to the event. Standbys are subject to availability.